Some drivers count a missed-delivery card through the door as a successful delivery when making claims about their performance. But the missed-delivery problem costs money as well as infuriating customers. In the UK 12% of deliveries fail first time, costing the industry an estimated £1bn in re-deliveries.
Why is it so hard to get companies to deliver goods at times that are convenient to you? It is very disappointed if you lose your customer due to delivery. Well it depends on the company you are using for delivery. We can provide delivery services either you are a small business and large distribution centres.
We have the right team of the drivers with full industry experience and knowledge. We have a sincere man power to pick up bulky and heavy items you’ve ordered online or from store such as Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree, Shipping Agents, Tesco, Asda, IKEA, Staples, PC World and many more.